About Us

Stephens Group Asset Management LLC (SGAM) is an SEC-registered investment adviser, founded in 2017 by Witt Stephens, Jr. and Elizabeth Campbell in partnership with Alan and Bill Tedford. The Stephens family’s long-standing relationship as clients of the Tedford family provided a unique opportunity to grow the firm and market its established investment program.

The business and personal relationship between the two families dates to 1966. The alignment of values, business practices, and economic perspectives has enabled SGAM, in partnership with the Stephens Group, to provide customized wealth management and discretionary advice to a wide range of clients. In 2019, SGAM expanded its offerings to include non-discretionary advice to retirement plans.


1960s – Today


Stephens Inc. hires Bill Tedford as its first stockbroker, beginning the relationship between the Tedford and Stephens families


Bill establishes Stephens Capital Management and becomes portfolio manager for all SCM fixed income accounts


Bill becomes the manager of the Equity Division of Stephens Inc.


Bill is elected Chairman of the National Business Conduct Committee of the NASD


Bill is elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of the NASD


Bill begins three-year term on the NASDAQ board of directors


Bill’s son, Alan Tedford, joins Stephens Inc.


Alan named Fixed Income Portfolio Manager for Stephens Capital Management


Alan and Bill develop an all-ETF asset allocation strategy for managing investments at Stephens Inc., establishing the methodology SGAM uses today


Alan and Bill begin managing investments for Witt Stephens, Jr. and Elizabeth Campbell


Alan and Bill establish Stephens Group Asset Management LLC in partnership with Witt Stephens, Jr. and Elizabeth Campbell

Stephens Group Asset Management