Optimized Portfolio Strategy

Stephens Group Asset Management’s Optimized Portfolio Strategy revolves around the proprietary blends of exchange traded funds (ETFs) we utilize to build customized client portfolios based on your specific needs. Combined with detailed economic and market research built on decades of experience as investment professionals, we aim to:

  • Protect and grow your wealth
  • Minimize your portfolio risk while maximizing the potential for returns
  • Lower your overall costs by utilizing equity and fixed income ETFs to obtain broad diversification with minimal expense


Our process begins with identifying your goals and tolerance for risk. We then analyze these parameters to construct a bespoke portfolio that:

  • Is in line with your time horizon, risk tolerance and short and long-term needs
  • Seeks to capture upside opportunities and minimize downside risk
  • Is flexible enough to be modified should your goals or circumstances change
  • Focuses on total return
  • Reduces your costs by utilizing low-cost ETFs and charging ultra-low management fees

Stephens Group Asset Management