Stephens Group Asset Management
Stephens Group Asset Management
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Actions Taken:
Planned Succession / Process Improvement / Product Line Extension

Creating Value through Transformation

The Stephens Group partnered with Vestcom because we recognized the characteristics we seek in founder-led businesses: a desire to implement best practices to increase margins and profitability; a strong foundation and loyal customer base that looked to Vestcom for innovation; and orderly, planned succession.

During our six-year investment period, we worked with Vestcom’s founder to recruit new senior leadership, led extensive process improvement that in one year increased EBITDA 25%, and provided the stability and long-term commitment to allow for new product experimentation. We also helped lead M&A efforts that resulted in a number of add-ons that expanded customer relationships and further enhanced the company’s intellectual property. Vestcom grew substantially during our investment period and continues to be a market leader.

Vestcom Case Study
“The Stephens Group was a great partner. They encouraged us to accelerate the transformation of the company, and strongly supported our efforts to install best practices and hire the talent that allowed us to achieve industry leading margins and with a more valuable business model.”

John Lawlor - CEO
Vestcom Case Study
“We selected The Stephens Group as our partner because of their reputation for being a stable investor who focuses on longer term value creation. They helped me transition leadership to take the business to a higher level.”

Steve Bardwell - Founder, Former CEO